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Corporal Punishment is currently recruiting all classes & specs. If you are a friendly, casual player looking for a home - then this could be the place for you! Contact one of the officers for more information.

Corporal Punishment is proud to present the new home of Grizzly Hills' coolest (at least most fun, yet undeniably awesome) guild! For a fun night of PVE or smashing Horde in PVP, Corp is the place to be. 

Thanks to Box for the sweet Intro vid & check out some of the other work he's done in our General forums!

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General Nazgrim falls. Corp completes Flex 2!

WhistyBell, Apr 10, 14 12:26 PM.

The picture says it all.  Corp + a few friends raided Flex 2 last night.  After a small learning curve on the Shamans, the General fell on the first attempt.  Well played folks, well played.  

Corp is ALIVE!!!!!

WhistyBell, Mar 28, 14 4:53 PM.

And this is our mighty Guild Master (though he kinda looks like a dwarfish fireball), AsaThor.   Corp is alive and kicking although apparently my ability to update this website is NOT.    On the PVE side of the world, we raid with a cross-server group of friends weekly (Wednesday nights).  Currently, we run Flex though are looking to turn that into a Normal 10-man run.  Starting this week, Saturday nights will be FLEX nights.  Check the guild calendar for details (it's updated far more frequently in-game) OR the Corp Raiding Facebook page.

So... how have we done?

Flex-1 is pretty much on Farm.  We've run it until Beo turned blue in the face... or is that his natural color?   All 4 bosses (Immerseus, The Fallen Protectors, Norushen, and Sha of Pride) down, on a regular basis.  I've either misplaced the first-kill shots or they're on Z's machine.  Stay tuned for site updates with those pictures.

Flex-2 (Galakras, Iron Juggernaut, Kor'kron Dark Shaman, and General Nazorim)

In this wing, things get a bit more entertaining.  We tend to squeak by Galakras & 3-tank the Iron Juggernaut.   Dark Shaman fell on March 15, 2014 to our Cross-Realm group.

Flex 3.   Malkorak ... dead.   And this lovely image is from Wednesday, March 26, 2014.  Corp's first kill of Spoils.  
The night ended shortly after this kill, but it was sweet finally getting the box-opening timing down.     

Elegon is Ala Gone!

Xundart, Mar 30, 13 1:45 AM.
After some pretty horrific wipes, when we final got all 8 sparks down, we made the last phase look easy. There was a lot good loot received tonight as well. We tried our hand at Will of the Emperor and Thor and Xun started to learn the dance. Turns out we aren't good dancers.

We are 4 of 6 in MSV

Xundart, Mar 17, 13 7:10 PM.
The raid team has been chewing up Mogu'shan Vaults. We have progressed through one boss per week. On 3/6 we downed Gara'jal the Spiritbinder with no time left on his enrage timer and last week (3/13) we downed The Spirit Kings. The Kings was nice dance, but our team rocks and we were able to pick it really quickly. I am thinking that we will extend the lock this week and maybe finish up this raid.

Fang has fallen

Xundart, Feb 28, 13 12:11 AM.
Yeah, yeah, we know that it is one week before the new patch, we got Fang down. While we lost a few DPS in phase 3, we beat the enrage time by 0:00. That is right, we killed him exactly when he enraged. Hey, who cares, the baddie is dead!

So-and-so has logged on!